Securities Laws

Securities laws broadly prohibit fraudulent activities of any kind in connection with the offer, purchase, or sale of securities. These provisions are the basis for many types of disciplinary actions, including actions against fraudulent insider trading. Capital markets help entities channelize funds for their expansion and foreseeable needs by issuing securities to the general public or to their existing/ external select investors. Towards the above end, the Indian capital markets have been undergoing significant transformation.

Our Securities Laws advisory services include being a catalyst in the following scenarios and other connected matters-

  • IPO/ FPO including SME IPO
  • Rights/ Bonus/ Preferential Allotment
  • Acquisition/ Takeover
  • Insider trading
  • FCCB/ ADR/ GD Rissue
  • SEBI Registrations under Investment Advisors/ AIF etc.
  • Opinions
  • Certifications
  • Revocation of suspension from BSE & NSE.
  • Direct Listing of Recognized stock exchange-listed companies on BSE.
  • Postal Ballot
  • Scrutinizer fore-voting
  • Planning for Future Public Issues.
  • Public Issues - Listing of Shares.
  • Delisting of Shares.
  • All Stock Exchange Matters.
  • All SEBI related Matters.
  • Initial Public Offer Preparedness
  • Listing/ Delisting of Securities
  • Buyback of Securities - Pre and Post
  • Open Offers - Pre and Post
  • SEBI Exemptions/ Relaxations
  • Bonus Fractional Entitlement & Trusteeship
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