Intellectual Property Rights - TM & Copyrights

  • International Law has established minimum standards for the protection of the expression of ideas and creativity. These rights, are collective called ‘Intellectual Property Rights’; it encompasses a wide set of concepts including, but not limited to copyright, patents, designs, trademarks and trade secrets. Enforceable by a court of law under Indian legislations that parallel with accepted international standards. 
  • Intellectual property, is an asset and add considerably to the normal value of goods and services. Apart from providing incentives for creators by attaching rights and monetary significance, it protects the originality of the product by creating value to the product, thereby helping build the image of the product.
  • We provide several services for the protection of your intellectual property rights:
    • Conducting expansive Trademark searches
    • Drafting, filing and follow up of applications for Trademark and Copyright registration
    • Appearing before the official registry for Trademarks and Copyrights.
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